A while ago I started using Vim or (neoVim for that matter) for basically all writing tasks. While as I presume many Vim-startes did I encountered a lot of minor obstacles on my way to better understand the program. Here are some of my most remarakable discoveries after the vimtutor:

Changing search to ignorecase and smart case

It is generally useful to mark your search case-insensitive when looking for a specific word or phrase. However, the even more elegant way of searching is provided by the smart-case option. It automatically adjusts the settings: If you were to be searching for a word such as vim, it will search case insensitively. If you were searching for Vim however, it will search case dependently. To search for lower case only words you can toggle case-sensitive search by typing “\C” anywhere in the search command.

Using spellcheck in whatever language you want

This function is somthing very basic especially when you are typing longer texts or something official. It is easily set in the config file with “:setlocal spell! spelllang=de”. Further, you can choose the potentially more correct dictionary word by typing “z=” and pressing enter.



A handy little plugin to write even prose comfortably in the console. It will make your writing look more eye pleasing, which may be very useful when writing prose text. This guy1 made made a very nice introduction video about Goyo and some instructions regarding its setup.

A long searched for solution

As I recently wanted to replace a reccurring pattern with increasing numbers, I discovered this very elegant way to do so:

:let @a=1 | %s/pattern/\='word'.(@a+setreg('a',@a+1))/g